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pie doughs

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Re: pie doughs

Postby digger » Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:10 pm

If a hot water pastry gets cold, just reheat it a bit (not to much or it will bake). If the edges won't stick together, you can put a bit of warm water on your finger and "brush" the seams with it and they will stick again. I have some problems with hot water pastries from time to time, too. When I am doing the recipes in a historic kitchen, I hold the dough a short while over the fire when it isn't hot enough. In a modern kitchen you could put the dough into the oven while preheating. But watch it carefully that it doesn't get to much heat, just enough to melt the fat a bit again.
For ensuring that the dough doesn't get cold to fast you can work on a wooden or plastics plate or preheat an ordinary plate or bowl to work on in the oven or by washing it with hot water.
The secret with hot water pastries is to work as fast as possible before it is to cold and needs reheating or to give it a bit of heat while working on it.
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